Bhopal: Law, Accidents, and Disasters in India

The Bhopal Digital Archive was initiated by professor Marc Galanter. His collection of court documents, newspaper clippings and other secondary sources form the foundation for this collection.

This repository started as a collection of Professor Marc Galanter's material on the Bhopal disaster, but the repository welcomes and considers any material that could be potentially added to the collection. Contact Mitra Sharafi if you would like to discuss adding Bhopal material to this freely available and previously scattered collection of sources.

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 Bhopal Postcard Manju

Photo Credits:

Above Right: Bhopal Union Carbide Memorial
Source: Luca Frediani uploaded by Simone.lippi
[CC BY-SA 2.0 (
/licenses/by-sa/2.0)],via Wikimedia Commons

Above Center: The tragedy of December 2 1984 as depicted by ten year old Manju, a surviving victim. Postcard printed for Nagrik Rahat aur Punarvas Committee, Bhopal at National Institute of Design Ahmedabad.