Great Lakes Tribal Law Collection

Presented here is a compilation of Tribal law documents sourced from select Indigenous Nations within Wisconsin and the broader Great Lakes region and shared with their permission.  This repository encompasses a range of materials, including constitutions, bylaws, codes, resolutions, charters, and other legal documents.  The collection continually grows as Tribes revise and update their documents. Each time a document is created or revised, a new version is archived and added to the collection.

This collection is ideal for accessing archived legal records.  To search the current body of law, visit the Tribe's website (see original source link below) or the Tribal Law Gateway from the National Indian Law Library.


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For additional materials on federal Indian and tribal law available at UW Law Library, see our guide to Native American Law and Legal Sources.

Devil's Island Seacaves Lake Superior
This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (LG-246285-OLS-20). In 2020, IMLS awarded the University of Wisconsin Law Library - in partnership with the Stockbridge-Munsee Community Band of Mohican Indians, the UW Law School Great Lakes Indigenous Law Center, the National Indian Law Library, and the Open Law Library – funds to develop the Digital Publication of Tribal Laws Pilot Project which addresses the critical gap in the availability of published and accessible tribal laws by developing tools for tribes and libraries to provide this content freely online.


For more information about this collection or the pilot project, contact Bonnie Shucha, Associate Dean and Director of the UW Law Library.


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