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The Wisconsin Law Review is a student-run journal of legal analysis and commentary that is used by professors, judges, practitioners, and others researching contemporary legal topics. The Wisconsin Law Review, which is published six times each year, includes professional and student articles, with content spanning local, state, national, and international topics. In addition to publishing the print journal, the Wisconsin Law Review publishes the Wisconsin Law Review Forward and sponsors an annual symposium at which leading scholars debate a significant issue in contemporary law.

University of Wisconsin Law School students and faculty founded the Wisconsin Law Review in 1920. In 1935, students were designated as its sole editors. Hundreds of copies of the Wisconsin Law Review are distributed to subscribers worldwide. Each issue typically contains two or three professional articles and two or three student articles that address timely and relevant legal topics. The Wisconsin Law Review usually publishes one special issue each year.

More information regarding the history of the Wisconsin Law Review is available in two articles prepared on WLR's 75th anniversary: John S. Skilton, Turning the Pages, 1995 Wis. L. Rev. 1461, and Michael H. Wussow, A Law Review for Wisconsin, 1995 Wis. L. Rev. 1475.

To learn more about the editors, staff and philosophy of the Wisconsin Law Review, visit their web site. Subscription information and contact information is also available.

If you are an author of a Wisconsin Law Review article and would like to have the full-text of your article removed from this repository, please contact the Law Library.