Law School Oral Histories

The University of Wisconsin Law School has a long and rich history highlighted by the scholarly work by ground-breaking professors. Their story is the story of the Law School.

In the Oral History Collection, UW Law School Faculty expand on their own experiences and background and discuss their work while at UW and beyond. The oral histories cover much of the Law School's history, starting in the 1920s up through the present day. Each oral history has been fully transcribed and indexed, allowing users to quickly search for a particular topic or keyword. Enjoy learning about UW Law's legacy and the achievements of UW Law faculty.

Daniel Bernstine (recorded Summer 1997)

Carin Clauss (recorded Fall 2012)

Herman Goldstein (recorded Winter 2016/17)

J. Willard Hurst (recorded Spring 1981)

James E. Jones Jr. (recorded Winter 2004/05)

Stewart Macaulay (recorded Spring 2016)

Marygold Melli (recorded Spring 2008)

Cliff Thompson (recorded Winter 1991)

David Trubek (recorded Summer 2008)

Louise Trubek (recorded Summer 2008)