Scholarly Supplements

The publication of faculty scholarship is only the end result of a long and complicated process involving long hours of research, drafting, reviewing and editing. This part of writing scholarly work is often hidden away from others who are reading the final article or book. UW Law has created a series of small collections that showcase the level of work that faculty and their assistants put into the publication of their work. The collections listed below consist of digital archives of materials used by faculty in their writing. These scholarly supplements are meant to help interested parties to learn more about a particular subject or more easily discover primary and secondary sources that have been cited in published works.

If you are a faculty member interested in adding a scholarly supplement to the collection or a researcher with general question about the repository, please contact a repository administrator.


Center for Public Representation archival materials

Supplement for Prof. Louise Trubek's article Social Justice Advocacy and Innovation


Legal Realist Innovation in the Wisconsin Law Curriculum materials

Supplement for Prof. William Clune's article Legal Realist Innovation in the Wisconsin Law School Curriculum 1950-1970: Four Influential Introductory Courses