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Fairchild Lectures

Fairchild Lectures

The Thomas E. Fairchild Lectureship was established in 1988 at University of Wisconsin Law School as a tribute to Judge Fairchild. Initiated by his former law clerks, the lectureship brings a distinguished member of the legal profession — from the bench, bar or academia — to speak at UW Law School on a topic of importance to the profession. Many distinguished guests have served as Fairchild lecturers, including Supreme Court Justices John Paul Stevens and Sandra Day O'Connor.

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For a list of past lectures, please see below.  Video and law review article linked when available. 



















  • 1999- "Old and In the Way": The Coming Demographic Transformation of the Legal Profession and its Implications for the Provision of Legal Services by Marc Galanter (Law review article


  • 1998- The Future of the Independent Counsel Law by Lawrence E. Walsh (Law review article)




  • 1995- Life of the Law: Principles of Logic and Experience from the United States by Sandra Day O'Connor (Law review article)


  • 1994- Refreshing Institutional Memories: Wisconsin and the American Law Institute by Shirley S. Abrahamson (Law review article)


  • 1993- Appellate Justice Today: Fairness or Formulas by Mary M. Schroeder (Law review article)


  • 1991- The Judicial Function and the Elusive Goal of Principled Decisionmaking by Harry T. Edwards (Law review article)


  • 1990- The Courts of Appeal and the Future of the Federal Judiciary by Kenneth W. Starr (Law review article)


  • 1989- The Development of Legal Doctrine through Amicus Participation: The SEC Experience by David S. Ruder (Law review article)


  • 1988- A Judge's Use of History- Thomas E. Fairchild Inaugural Lecture by John Paul Stevens (Law review article)