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Stop the Killing: Potential Courtroom Use of a Questionnaire that Predicts the Likelihood that a Victim of Intimate Partner Violence Will Be Murdered By Her Partner Journal Article
Becoming What We Pretend to Be: Signs of Values in Casual Rhetoric of American Criminal Justice Journal Article
Children of Incarcerated Mothers and Fathers Journal Article
Medically Necessary Treatments for Transgender Prisoners and the Misguided Law in Wisconsin Journal Article
Table of Contents - Volume 25, Issue 1 Journal Article
Interstate Marriage Recognition and the Right to Travel Journal Article
California Women: Using Federal Taxes to Put the Community in Community Property Journal Article
Controlling for Kin: Ghosts in the Postmodern Family Journal Article
Taking a Step forward or Backward - The 2009 Revisions to the FMLA Regulations Journal Article
Transsexuals and Title VII: Proposing an Interpretation of Schroer v. Billington Journal Article
Table of Contents - Volume 25, Issue 2 Journal Article
Shared Experiences, Divergent Outcomes: American Indian and Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence Journal Article
No Exceptions Made: Sexual Assault against Native American Women and the Denial of Reproductive Healthcare Services Journal Article
287(G) and Women: The Family Values of Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Law Journal Article
Gender, Law, and Detention Policy: Unexpected Effects on the Most Vulnerable Immigrants Journal Article
Where Sovereigns and Cultures Collide: Balancing Federalism, Tribal Self-Determination, and Individual Rights in the Adaptation of Indian Children by Gays and Lesbians Journal Article
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973: A Double-Edged Sword for the Protection of Students with Gender Identity Disorder Journal Article
Time to Close the Gap: Women in the Individual Health Insurance Market Deserve Access to Maternity Coverage Journal Article
Table of Contents - Volume 26, Issue 1 Journal Article
Beyond the Locker Room: Changing Narratives on Early Surgery for Intersex Children Journal Article
Back Door to Individual Title IX Liability - The Implications of Fitzgerald v. Barnstable School Committee on the Liability of Teachers and Administrators for Peer-to-Peer Harassment Journal Article
Perpetuating Ageism via Adoption Standards and Practices Journal Article
Start a Family or Become a Professor - Parental Leave Policies for Postdoctoral Fellows Training for Academic Careers in the Sciences Journal Article
Wisconsin Medical Malpractice Law Fails to Fully Compensate for Negligently Performed Abortions Journal Article
Table of Contents - Volume 26, Issue 2 Journal Article