Peter Carstensen


Carstensen, Peter
Title Date Type
Merger Guidelines and the Limits of Our Understanding 2018-11 Journal Article
The Merger Incipiency Doctrine and the Importance of "Redundant" Competitors 2018 Journal Article
Competition Policy and the Control of Buyer Power: A Global Issue 2017 Book
The Mixed Record of the Obama Administration in Food Competition Policy Leaves Many Unresolved Issues: 'Talking the Talk, But Not Walking the Walk' 2016 Journal Article
The Philadelphia National Bank Presumption: Merger Analysis in an Unpredictable World 2015 Journal Article
Can Participation by a Local Hospital Authority Exempt a Hospital Merger Creating a Monopoly from Antitrust Law - FTC v. Phoebe Putney Health System, Docket No. 11-1160 2013 Journal Article
Agricultural Cooperatives and the Law: Obsolete Statutes in a Dynamic Economy 2013 Journal Article
Patent Exhaustion and Self-Replicating Technologies: Amicus Brief in Support of Bowman by the American Antitrust Institute 2012 Working Paper
Remedies for Monopolization from Standard Oil to Microsoft and Intel: The Changing Nature of Monopoly Law from Elimination of Market Power to Regulation of Its Use 2012 Journal Article
Buyer Power and the Horizontal Merger Guidelines: Minor Progress on an Important Issue 2012 Journal Article
2011 Kastenmeier Lecture- Bridging the Divide Between Congress and the Courts 2011-09-16 Lecture
Replacing Antitrust Exemptions for Transportation Industries: The Potential for a "Robust Business Review Clearance" 2011 Journal Article
Controlling Unjustified, Anticompetitive State and Local Regulation: Where is Attorney General Waldo? 2011 Journal Article
Book Review- Innovation for the 21st Century: Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property and Antitrust 2011 Journal Article
2010 Kastenmeier Lecture- Afghanistan: What Are We Fighting For? 2010-10-21 Lecture
The Packers and Stockyards Act: A History of Failure to Date 2010-04 Journal Article
Horizontal Merger Guidelines: The Omitted Dimension of Buyer Power Comments Submitted to the FTC and DOJ 2010-01-15 Report
Comments for the United States Departments of Agriculture and Justice Workshops on Competition Issues in Agriculture 2010-01-15 Report
Buyer Cartels versus Buying Groups: Legal Distinctions, Competitive Realities, and Antitrust Policy 2010 Journal Article
The Poor Financial Performance of Deregulated Airlines: Competition as Causation or Only Correlation - Reflections on Professor Dempsey's Article 2009 Journal Article
Lost in (Doctrinal) Translation: The Misleading Retelling of the Supreme Court's Antitrust Decisions on Restraints of Trade 2009 Journal Article
Competition Policy and Merger Analysis in Deregulated and Newly Competitive Industries 2008 Book
The Prospects and Limits of Antitrust and Competitive-Market Strategies 2008 Book Section
False Positives in Identifying Liability for Exclusionary Conduct: Conceptual Error, Business Reality, and Aspen 2008 Journal Article
Buying Power, Competition Policy, and Antitrust: The Competitive Effects of Discrimination among Suppliers 2008 Journal Article