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  • Citation Handbook 2021-2022: An introduction to case and statute citations based on the Bluebook and the rules of the Wisconsin Supreme Court

  • Foreword: The Federalist Constitution

  • Research Handbook on Modern Legal Realism

  • Reimagining and Restoring Justice: Toward a Truth and Reconciliation Process to Transform Violence Against African-Americans in the United States

  • McCulloch v. Maryland and the Incoherence of Enumerationism

  • The Other Madison Problem

  • Polygenic risk in a diverse world

  • Integrating Rules for Genomic Research, Clinical Care, Public Health Screening and DTC Testing: Creating Translational Law for Translational Genomics

  • Constitutional Transition and the Travail of Judges: The Courts of South Korea (Book Review)

  • Social Corporate Governance

  • Multimodal Conduct in the law: Language, gesture and materiality in legal interaction (book review)

  • Law in Reality, Law in Context: On the Work and Influence of Stewart Macaulay

  • Territory as a Victim of Armed Conflict

  • Prison Walls Can't Stop COVID-19 - Vaccinating Prisoners Makes Everyone Safer

  • Restoring Trust in the Voting Process: Expert Panel Discussion

  • Voter Registration in a Pandemic

  • Comparative Advantage: The Ends and Means of Campaign Regulation A Response to Professor Ringhand

  • Creating Contracts in a Vacuum: Space Mining and the Creation of Future Contract Law

  • Cloud Services for Digital Repositories

  • Faculty Services

  • Legal Research: The Inside Scoop on Productivity Apps

  • Hiroshi Oda's Russian Arbitration Law and Practice (book review)

  • ISSCR Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation: The 2021 update

  • Guiding Ethical Principles in Engineering Biology Research

  • Intended Consequences Statement

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