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  • Human Subjects Research Without Consent: Duties to Return Individual Findings When Participation was Non-Consensual

  • The Foundations and Traditions of Constitutional Amendment (Book Review)

  • 2020 Constitutional Reform Country Report: The USA

  • From Protection to Empowerment

  • Countermajoritarian Legislatures

  • Race-Based Remedies in Criminal Law

  • Professional Irresponsibility and Judicial Opinions

  • Securitizing Overseas Nonprofit Work in China: Five years of the Overseas NGO Law framework and its new application to academic institutions

  • America's Constitutional Contradictions

  • Colombo International Financial City: An Example of Unsustainability and Injustice?

  • Intersections of Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development: Framing the Issues

  • The Cambridge Handbook of Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development

  • The Giant Shadow of Corporate Gadflies

  • Access to Justice: Litigating Rights Before US Supreme Court

  • Investment Arbitration and Political Systems Theory

  • The Quest for Rational Labor Allocation within Soviet Enterprises: Internal Transfers Before and During Perestroika

  • Lessons for new Legal Realism from Africa and Latin America

  • Constitution Making and Social Transformation

  • Realism then and now: Using the real world to inform formal law

  • Introduction to the Research Handbook on Modern Legal Realism

  • Global South Approaches

  • Citation Handbook 2021-2022: An introduction to case and statute citations based on the Bluebook and the rules of the Wisconsin Supreme Court

  • Foreword: The Federalist Constitution

  • Research Handbook on Modern Legal Realism

  • Reimagining and Restoring Justice: Toward a Truth and Reconciliation Process to Transform Violence Against African-Americans in the United States

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