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  • Bribery and Campaign Finance: McDonnell’s Double-Edged Sword

  • Voter Registration and Institutional Reform: Lessons from a Historic Election

  • Lowenstein Contra Lowenstein: Conflicts of Interest in Election Administration

  • The Obliteration of Equality in American Campaign Finance Law: A Trans-Border Comparison

  • HAVA in Court: A Summary and Analysis of Litigation

  • Political Reform and the Courts: On Cain’s Egalitarian Pluralism

  • True Threats: Voter Intimidation and the Constitution

  • Campaign Finance Regulation in North America: An Institutional Perspective

  • The New Soft Money: Outside Spending in Congressional Elections

  • How Sausage Is Made: A Research Agenda for Campaign Finance and Lobbying

  • The Role of Judges in Election Law

  • Judicial Review of Election Administration

  • Vote Dissociation

  • An Unsafe Harbor: Recounts, Contests, and the Electoral College

  • The Persistence of Prejudice: Process-Based Theory and the Retroactivity of the Civil Rights Act of 1991

  • First Amendment Equal Protection: On Discretion, Inequality, and Participation

  • Overview of the Sri Lanka State of Human Rights, 2018: Reminiscing the Past 25 Years

  • Sri Lanka: State of Human Rights 2018

  • The Inter-American Court’s Environment and Human Rights Advisory Opinion: Implications for International Climate Law

  • Healing the Blind Goddess: Race and Criminal Justice

  • Early Returns on Election Reform: Discretion, Disenfranchisement, and the Help America Vote Act

  • The Paperless Chase: Electronic Voting and Democratic Values

  • Desegregation, Discrimination and Democracy: Parents Involved's Disregard for Process

  • Leave It to the Lower Courts: On Judicial Intervention in Election Administration

  • A Program in Legislation

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