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  • Oral History Interview with Cliff Thompson (1991)

    Cliff Thompson, University of Wisconsin Law School Professor Emeritus and Dean of the Law School from 1983-1990 discusses his early educational background and years working at law schools in Sudan, Zambia, and Ethiopia, followed by teaching at SMU and deanships at Hawaii and Idaho. Cliff then discusses his years as Dean at UW Law at length. Topics include his administrative team, the Academic Planning Council, the Dean's Council and his interactions with UW Chancellors, fundraising and affirmative action at the Law School.
  • Oral History Interview with David Trubek (2008)

    David Trubek discusses his academic and administrative career, including co-founding Critical Legal Studies, directing the International Legal Studies program, and organizing the 2007 International Law and Society Conference in Berlin. He concludes with remarks on retirement plans and writing with his wife, Prof. Louise Trubek.
  • Oral History Interview with Louise Trubek (2008)

    Louise Trubek discusses various aspects of her career, including education, feminism, and collaborative work with her husband, Professor David Trubek, and with the UW Medical School. She also discusses her experience at the UW Law School, and her role in overhauling the school's clinical program.
  • Oral History Interview with Marygold Melli for the Dane County Bar Association (2008)

  • Oral History Interview with James E. Jones Jr. (2004-2005)

    Professor James E. Jones Jr. discusses his life and career spanning his early education through his retirement from the University of Wisconsin Law School. Professor Jones joined the UW Law faculty in 1971 following his work in Washington, D.C., which included work on historic legislation, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. While at UW Law, Professor Jones founded the William H. Hastie Fellowship, was involved with the creation of the Legal Education Opportunities program (LEO), and worked extensively on issues relating to industrial relations and labor law. Professor Jones published his autobiography, "Hattie's Boy", in 2006 and passed away in 2014.
  • Oral History Interview with Daniel Bernstine (1997)

    Daniel Bernstine earned his BA at the University of California, Berkeley; a JD at Northwestern University School of Law; and an LLM at the University of Wisconsin Law School. He got his first teaching job at Howard University. He then returned to University of Wisconsin and received tenure. He later served as General Counsel and Acting Dean of the Law School at Howard University and then Dean of the University of Wisconsin Law School. In 1997, Bernstine left University of Wisconsin when he was hired as president of Portland State University.
  • Oral History Interview with Willard Hurst (1981)

    Harvard Law School alumnus Willard Hurst joined the faculty of the UW Law School in 1937 and his research was focused on American legal history. Hurst began writing books two years after the World War II, and continued his research, writing and mentoring until his death in 1997.
  • Oral History Interview with Carin Clauss (2015)

    Carin Clauss discusses her legal and academic career, including civil service and her passions for teaching and for arguing in court.
  • Oral History Interview with Herman Goldstein (2016-2017)

    Herman Goldstein discusses his legal and academic career, focusing on his work developing, implementing, and advocating problem-oriented policing (POP).
  • Oral History Interview with Stewart Macaulay (2016)

    Stewart Macaulay discusses his academic career, including his novel research methods, publications, and pedagogy.
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