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Where Violence, Relationship, and Equality Meet: The Violence against Women Act's Civil Right Remedy Journal Article
Destabilizing Power in Rape: Why Consent Theory in Rape Law Is Turned on Its Head Journal Article
Trend Analysis: Expert Testimony on Battering and Its Effects in Criminal Cases Journal Article
Book Review - Volume 11, Issue 1 Journal Article
From Urinal to Manicure Challenges to the Scholarship of Tax and Gender Journal Article
Our Epidemic of Unnecessary Cesarean Sections: The Role of the Law in Creating It, the Role of the Law in Stopping It Journal Article
First Stone in Retrospect: An Outsider's Observations on the Book and Its Critics, The Journal Article
Sweep Searches--The Rights of the Community, and the Guarantees of the Fourth and First Amendments: Moms of the Chicago Public Housing Complex, Revisit Your Civil and Constitutional Rights and Save your Babies Journal Article
Forgiving Guin Garcia: Women, the Death Penalty and Commutation Journal Article
In Search of Greater Procedural Justice: Rethinking Lassiter v. Department of Social Services Journal Article
Connectedness and Closeted Questions: The Use of History in Developing Feminist Legal Theory Journal Article
Future of Feminist Legal Theory, The Journal Article
We Are All Just Jugs Journal Article
Importing Feminist Theories to Change Tort Law Journal Article
Written Remarks of Elizabeth Grossman--Violence against Women Journal Article
Twenty Questions on the Status of Women Students in Your Law School Journal Article
Questions Women (and Men) Should Ask When Selecting a Law School Journal Article
Choosing Substantive Justice: A Discussion of Choice, Rights and the New Reproductive Technologies Journal Article
Front Matter - Volume 12, Issue 1 Journal Article
Table of Contents - Volume 12, Issue 1 Journal Article
Table of Contents - Volume 12, Issue 2 Journal Article
Lasting Legacy of International Union, U.A.W. v. Johnson Controls: Equal Employment and Workplace Health and Safety Five Years Later, The Journal Article
Gay Male Pornography after Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium: A Call for Gay Male Cooperation in the Struggle for Sex Equality Journal Article
How Would the Criminal Law Threat Sethe: Reflections on Patriarchy, Child Abuse, and the Uses of Narrative to Re-Imagine Motherhood Journal Article
Surrogacy: A Last Resort Alternative for Infertile Women or a Commodification of Women's Bodies and Children Journal Article