Samuel Mermin


Title Date Class
Further Aspects of the "Purpose" Element in American Statutory Interpretation 1998 Book Section
A Tribute to Abner Brodie 1994 Journal Article
How Far Can the American Congress Go in Restricting the Right to Judicial Review of Administrative Action? (With a Comparative Law Addendum on England) 1988 Conference Proceeding
Exploring Statutory Interpretation: Some Paths Through the Jungle 1979 Book
Contemporary American Conceptions of Statutory Meaning 1979 Conference Proceeding
Abner Brodie: A Longtime Colleague 1976 Journal Article
The Constitutional Right to Counsel in America 1975 Journal Article
Questions and Answers on Law and Morality 1974 Journal Article
Legal Functionalism 1973 Conference Proceeding
Comment: On Defining "Law"-- A Dissent from Fuller's Approach 1973 Journal Article
Law and the Legal System- An Introduction 1973 Book
Student Protest and the American University: A Case Study 1972 Journal Article
Functionalism, Definition, and the Problem of Contextual Ambiguity 1971 Conference Proceeding
The Mermin Report 1968 Report
The Fox-Wisconsin Rivers Improvement: An Historical Study in Legal Institutions and Political Economy 1968 Book
Computers, Law, and Justice: An Introductory Lecture 1967 Journal Article
Book Review: Introduction to Law and the Legal Process 1966 Journal Article
The Law and its Function in Society 1966 Conference Proceeding
Book Review- Reply: Comments on the Review of Jurisprudence and Statecraft 1964 Journal Article
Jurisprudence and Statecraft: The Wisconsin Development Authority and its Implications 1963 Book
Concerning the Ways of Courts: Reflections Induced by the Wisconsin Internal Improvement and Public Purpose Cases 1963 Journal Article
The Legal Process: An Introduction to Decision-Making by Judicial, Legislative, Executive, and Administrative Agencies 1961 Book
Book Review: Theft, Law and Society by Jerome Hall 1953 Journal Article
The Study of Jurisprudence-- A Letter to a Hostile Student 1950 Journal Article
An Analysis of Federal Rent-Control Enforcement Litigation 1949 Journal Article