Richard Monette


Monette, Richard
Title Date Class
U.S. Law and Native American Rights in Action-- A Law Professor and Activist's View 2009 Journal Article
Imposing Communism 2008 Journal Article
Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law 2005 Book
Sovereignty and Survival 2000 Journal Article
Environmental Justice and Indian Tribes: The Double-Edged Tomahawk of Applying Civil Rights Laws in Indian Country 1999 Journal Article
Book Review- Braid of Feathers: American Indian Law and Contemporary Tribal Life by Frank Pommersheim 1997 Journal Article
Treating Tribes as States Under Federal Statutes in the Environmental Arena: Where Laws of Nature and Natural Law Collide 1997 Journal Article
The Legal and Political Relationships Between the United States and Tribes in Light of "Our Federalism" in the Union-State Relationship and Federal Republican Democracy 1997 Thesis
Treaties 1996 Book Section
E Pluribus Unum: Diverse Ideas from a Native American Perspective 1995 Journal Article
Governing Private Property in Indian Country: The Double-Edged Sword of the Trust Relationship and Trust Responsibility Arising Out of Early Supreme Court Opinions and the General Allotment Act 1995 Journal Article
A New Federalism for Indian Tribes: The Relationship Between the United States and Tribes in Light of Our Federalism and Republican Democracy 1994 Journal Article
When Tribes Sue States: How "Federal Indian Law" Offers an Opportunity to Clarify Sovereign Immunity Jurisprudence 1994 Journal Article
Indian Country Jurisdiction and the Assimilative Crimes Act 1990 Journal Article