Marygold S. Melli


Title Date Class
Oral history interview with Marygold Melli for the Dane County Bar Association (2008) 2008-04-15 Oral History
Exploring a New Family Form- The Shared Time Family 2008 Journal Article
The Stability of Child Physical Placements Following Divorce: Descriptive Evidence from Wisconsin 2008 Journal Article
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The Beginnings of the Multi-State Essay Examination 2006 Journal Article
The American Law Institute Principles of Family Dissolution, the Approximation Rule and Shared-Parenting 2005 Journal Article
Shared Custody: A Comparison With Traditional Mother Custody 2003 Conference Proceeding
Child Custody 2003 Book Section
In Memoriam: Howard B. Eisenberg 2002 Journal Article
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Whatever Happened to Divorce 2000 Journal Article
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