Margaret Raymond


Raymond, Margaret
Title Date Class
Work and Life and Death: A Law School Dean's Perspective 2017 Journal Article
2016 Fairchild Lecture- Our Justice System at an Inflection Point 2016 Lecture
2015 Kastenmeier Colloquium- Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner 2015-10-02 Lecture
2015 Fairchild Lecture- All in the Family: a judicial legacy, Edward and Thomas Fairchild 2015-04024 Lecture
2014 Fairchild Lecture- Protecting the 4th Amendment So We Do Not Sacrifice Freedom for Security 2014-04-25 Lecture
2014 Kastenmeier Colloquium-Just Mercy: Confronting Mass Incarceration and Excessive Punishment in America 2014 Lecture
2013 Kastenmeier Colloquium- Crossing the Line: Watergate,The Criminal Law and Ethics 2013-10-04 Lecture
2013 Fairchild Lecture- The War on Drugs 2013-04-19 Lecture
2012 Kastenmeier Colloquium- Software Patents and the Return of Functional Claiming 2012-10-12 Lecture
2012 Fairchild Lecture- Inequality, Individualized Risk and Insecurity 2012-04-27 Lecture
The War on Terror and the War on the Fourth Amendment: Tales from a Flawed Hypothesis 2012 Journal Article
Professional Responsibility for the Pro Se Attorney 2011 Journal Article
Inside, Outside: Cross-Border Enforcement of Attorney Advertising Restrictions 2010 Journal Article
Brief Review of Laurence H. Tribe, "The Invisible Constitution" 2010 Journal Article
Looking for Trouble: Framing and the Dignitary Interest in the Law of Self-Defense 2010 Journal Article
The Law and Ethics of Law Practice 2009 Book
Interpretive Constructions and the Exercise of Bias: Response to Mark Kelman 2009 Book Section
On Legalistic Behavior, the Advocacy Privilege, and Why People Hate Lawyers 2008 Journal Article
The Right to Refuse and the Obligation to Comply: Challenging the Gamesmanship Model of Criminal Procedure 2007 Journal Article
Book Review- Midnight Assassin: A Murder in America's Heartland by Patricia L. Bryan and Thomas Wolf 2007 Journal Article
On Rights and Responsibilities: A Response to The Problem with Pretext 2007 Journal Article
The Professionalization of Ethics 2006 Journal Article
No Fellow in American Legislation: Weems v. United States and the Doctrine of Proportionality 2006 Journal Article
Criminal Defense Heroes 2004 Journal Article
Penumbral Crimes 2002 Journal Article