Linda Greene


Greene, Linda
Title Date Class
A Tale of Two Justices: Brandeis, Marshall, and Federal Court Judicial Diversity 2017 Journal Article
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall-- Gender, Olympic Competition And Persistence Of The Feminine Ideal 2016 Journal Article
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Gender, Olympic Competition and Persistence of the Feminine Ideal 2016 Journal Article
The Battle for Brown 2015 Journal Article
Before and After Michael Brown-- Toward an End to Structural and Actual Violence 2015 Journal Article
Head Football Coaches: Ending the Discourse of Privilege 2012 Journal Article
Governmental Liability for the Katrina Failure 2009 Book Section
The Story of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System v. Southworth: "Losing Battles, Winning Wars" 2008 Book Section
Football Coach Contracts: What Does the Student Athlete Have to Do With It? 2008 Journal Article
Beyond Tokenism to Empowerment: The Black Women in Sports Foundation 2007 Book Section
From Brown to Grutter 2005 Journal Article
Strategic Priorities and Strategic Funding: Minority Faculty Hiring at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1988-2003 2004 Book Section
The Constitution and Racial Equality After Gratz and Grutter 2004 Journal Article
After Adarand 2002 Book Section
From Sea to Shining Sea: The Midwestern Origins of the First National Meeting of the Regional People of Color Legal Scholarship Conferences 2000 Journal Article
From Tokenism to Emancipatory Politics: The Conferences and Meetings of Law Professors of Color 2000 Journal Article
Jim Crowism in the Twenty-First Century 1999 Journal Article
Hate in the Cloak of Liberty 1997 Book Section
Universal Principles, Local Prism: South Africa's Constitutional Transition in Global Perspective 1997 Thesis
Sexual Harassment Law and the First Amendment 1995 Journal Article
Racial Discourse, Hate Speech, and Political Correctness 1995 Journal Article
Feminism, Law, and Social Change: Some Reflections on Unrealized Possibilities 1993 Journal Article
Multiculturalism as Metaphor 1992 Journal Article
The Justice Mission of the Law Schools 1992 Journal Article
Breaking Form (Review Essay) 1992 Journal Article