Kenneth Davis


Davis, Kenneth
Title Date Class
The Business Judgment Rule in Wisconsin 2015 Journal Article
Say-on-Pay Lawsuits - Is This Time Different? 2011 Journal Article
2010 Kastenmeier Colloquium- Afghanistan: What Are We Fighting For? 2010-10-21 Lecture
2010 Fairchild Lecture- Abraham Lincoln: a lawyer for the ages 2010-05-07 Lecture
SEC and Foreign Companies - A Balance of Competing Interests 2010 Journal Article
The Forgotten Derivative Suit 2008 Journal Article
2007 Fairchild Lecture- Snapshots from the Seventh Circuit: Continuity and Change, 1966 to 2008 2007-04-27 Lecture
Six Uneasy Pieces 2006 Journal Article
2006 Fairchild Lecture- Thomas E. Fairchild: A Judge's Legacy 2006 Lecture
Structural Bias, Special Litigation Committees, and the Vagaries of Director Independence 2005 Journal Article
2005 Fairchild Lecture- Upholding an Oath to the Constitution: A Legislator's Responsibilities 2005 Lecture
U.S. Corporate Governance -- The Independent Director's Role 2005 Book Section
2004 Fairchild Lecture- Citizenship In A Time of Repression 2004 Lecture
2003 Fairchild Lecture- The Role of District Courts 2003 Lecture
The Director's Duty of Oversight--Pre-Enron; Post-Enron 2002-09 Conference Proceeding
2002 Fairchild Lecture- Revitalization of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in the Mid 20th Century 2002 Lecture
Once More, the Business Judgment Rule 2000 Journal Article
Corporate Opportunity and Comparative Advantage 1999 Journal Article
Approval by Disinterested Directors 1995 Journal Article
Pledged Stock and the Mystique of Record Ownership 1992 Journal Article
Where Do Firms Incorporate? 1990 Journal Article
An Evaluation: Wisconsin's New Business Combination Statute 1988 Journal Article
Discretion of Corporate Management to Do Good at the Expense of Shareholder Gain--A Survey of, and Commentary on, the U.S. Corporate Law 1988 Journal Article
Epilogue: The Role of the Hostile Takeover and the Role of the States 1988 Journal Article
Judicial Review of Fiduciary Decisionmaking--Some Theoretical Perspectives 1986 Journal Article