John Kidwell


Title Date Class
Preface: Revisiting the Contracts Scholarship of Stewart Macaulay: On the Empirical and the Lyrical 2013 Book Section
Tribute to Dean Emeritus Kenneth B. Davis, Jr. 2011 Journal Article
Relational Contracting in a Digital Age: The Common Law of Contracts as a World Force in Two Ages of Revolution: Panel Discussion 2005 Journal Article
Extending the Lessons of Hadley v. Baxendale 2005 Journal Article
Property: Cases and Materials 2004 Book
Contracts: Law in Action 2003 Book
If I Had Kept a Diary About Copyright Law... 2001 Magazine Article
Reactions to Professor Speidel's "Contract Excuse Doctrine and Retrospective Legislation: The Winstar Case" 2001 Journal Article
The Dock Brief 2001 Journal Article
Ruminations on Teaching the Statute of Frauds 2000 Journal Article
Truth in Two Voices: A Melancholy Tale 1996 Journal Article
In the Beginning: Warren's Own Voice 1994 Journal Article
Congressman Robert Kastenmeier and Professor John Stedman: A Thirty-Five Year Relationship 1992 Journal Article
Recent Developments in Legal Theory: How to Compare Apples and Oranges 1990 Journal Article
Remarks Upon the Occasion of the Close of Cliff Thompson's Deanship 1990 Magazine Article
Some Observations on the Largest Jury Verdict in History: Pennzoil v. Texaco 1989 Journal Article
God and Gadamer: Politics and Conflict in the Heavenly Family 1989 Journal Article
Open Records Laws and Copyright 1989 Journal Article
From Rented Rooms to an Atrium? 1988 Magazine Article
Should Lawyers Read Economic History? The Patent System in the Industrial Revolution 1986 Journal Article
Software and Semiconductors: Why Are We Confused? 1986 Journal Article
A Caveat 1985 Journal Article
Copyright and Metaphysics 1985 Magazine Article
John C. Stedman - An Appreciation 1984 Journal Article
John Stedman - His Bibliography 1984 Journal Article