Jane E. Larson


Title Date Class
Sexual Labor and Human Rights 2006 Journal Article
Negotiating Informality Within Formality: Land and Housing in the Texas Colonias 2005 Book Section
Is It Time for a New Legal Realism? 2005 Journal Article
Brigitte M. Bodenheimer Memorial Lecture on the Family: Prostitution, Labor, and Human Rights 2004 Journal Article
Informality, Illegality, and Inequality 2002 Journal Article
Class, Economics, and Social Rights 2002 Journal Article
Feminism in Relation 2002 Journal Article
A Good Story and "The Real Story" 2000 Journal Article
Hard Bargains: The Politics of Sex 1998 Book
Even a Worm Will Turn at Last: Rape Reform in Late Nineteenth-Century America 1997 Journal Article
Tribute to Judge Theodore McMillian 1997 Journal Article
A House Divided: Using Dred Scott to Teach Conflict of Laws 1996 Journal Article
Free Markets Deep in the Heart of Texas 1995 Journal Article
Imagine Her Satisfaction: The Transformative Task of Feminst Tort Work 1993 Journal Article
Symposium Introduction: Third Wave-- Can Feminists Use the Law to Effect Social Change in the 1990s? 1993 Journal Article
The New Home Economics- Review of "Sex and Reason" by Richard A. Posner 1993 Journal Article
Women Understand So Little, They Call My Good Nature 'Deceit': A Feminist Rethinking of Seduction 1993 Journal Article
The Sexual Injustice of the Traditional Family 1992 Journal Article
That's Not History: The Boundaries of Advocacy and Scholarship 1990 Journal Article
The Constitutionality of the Independent Counsel Statute 1987 Journal Article