James E. Jones Jr.


Title Date Class
Hattie's Boy: The Life and Times of a Transitional Negro 2006 Book
Some Observations on Teaching from the "Pioneer" Generation 2000 Journal Article
The Rise and Fall of Affirmative Action 2000 Book Section
The Affirmative Action/Quota Issue: Back to the Future in the Year 2000? (The Ben J. Altheimer Lecture) 1993 Journal Article
The Rewards of the Academic Life 1991 Journal Article
Warning: Community Service May Be Dangerous to a Teacher's Academic Health 1991 Journal Article
The Hastie Program at Wisconsin 1991 Journal Article
Disparate Treatment in Labor Arbitration: An Empirical Analysis 1990 Journal Article
1990 Supplement to Cases and Materials on Discrimination in Employment 1990 Book
Equal Employment and Affirmative Action in Local Governments: A Profile 1990 Journal Article
The Origins of Affirmative Action 1988 Journal Article
A Tribute to George William "Bill" Foster, Jr. 1987 Journal Article
Tribute to George William Bill Foster, Jr., A 1987 Journal Article
Cases and Materials on Discrimination in Employment (5th Ed.) 1987 Book
An Introduction to the Union Duty of Fair Representation 1986 Journal Article
Past, Present, and Future of Affirmative Action 1986 Book Section
Time for a Midcourse Correction? 1985 Book Section
The Genesis and Present Status of Affirmative Action in Employment: Economic, Legal, and Political Realities 1985 Journal Article
Equality and Prohibition of Discrimination in Employment-- USA 1985 Journal Article
Some Reflections on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 at Twenty 1985 Journal Article
Twenty-One Years of Affirmative Action: The Maturation of the Administrative Enforcement Process Under the Executive Order 11,246 as Amended 1983 Journal Article
Legislation Protecting the Individual Employee 1982 Book
Reverse Discrimination in Employment: Judicial Treatment of Affirmative Action Programs in the United States 1982 Journal Article
Employment Discrimination in American Law and Graduate Schools-- A Census of Employment Law Teachers 1982 Report
Reference Supplement, Unit R-2 f Labor Relations and Social Problems, A Course Book 1981 Book