Gordon B. Baldwin


Title Date Class
Terrorism and Federalism: Constitutional Aspects of Surrendering to Terrorist Demands NULL Working Paper
War, Duty and Sacrifice: Justice Holmes and the Civil War NULL Working Paper
Why Can't the Courts Rule 'We Don't Know'? NULL Working Paper
Howard Eisenberg-- from Student to Dean 2002 Journal Article
The Partial Veto Power Threatens Democracy: A Rebuttal 2002 Journal Article
Wisconsin Rejects Legislative Supremacy 2002 Journal Article
A Constitution's Wisdom and Failings: Selecting a President 1998 Book Section
Celebrating Wisconsin's Constitution 150 Years Later 1998 Journal Article
Comment on "Transitional Constitutionalism: Politics and Law in Russia Since 1993" 1996 Journal Article
The Library Bill of Rights-- A Critique 1996 Journal Article
Book Reviews, Volume 13, Issue 1 1994 Journal Article
Aliens in American Law 1993 Book Section
Why Can't a Judge Say, "I Don't Know"? 1993 Journal Article
Book Review- Julius Stone: An Intellectual Life by Leonie Star 1993 Journal Article
The Constitution's Wisdoms and Failings-- Electing a President 1992 Magazine Article
The Bill of Rights: An Introduction 1990 Book
The Northwest Ordinance: 200 Years Later 1988 Magazine Article
Celebrating the Constitution: The Virtues of Its Vices and Vice Versa 1987 Journal Article
G.W. Foster, Jr. - A Tribute from a Colleague 1987 Journal Article
The Northwest Ordinance: Fundamental Law or Trivial Pursuit? 1987 Magazine Article
Abraham Lincoln-- The First American 1986 Report
Pornography: The Supreme Court Rejects a Call for New Restrictions 1986 Journal Article
Bar Examiners and the Antitrust Laws: Comfort from Hoover v. Ronwin 1986 Journal Article
Welsh v. Wisconsin-- A View from Counsel 1985 Journal Article
Seeking Intelligent Arms Solutions 1984 Journal Article