George Bunn


Title Date Class
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Strengthening Nuclear Non-Proliferation Security Assurances for Non-Nuclear-Weapons States 1993-02 Report
The Arms Control Obligations of the Former Soviet Union 1993 Journal Article
Who Inherited the Former Soviet Union's Obligations Under Arms Control Treaties With the United States? 1993 Report
Two Options for the 1995 NPT Extension Conference Revisited 1992-07 Report
Annex: Does the NPT Require Its Non-Nuclear-Weapon Parties to Permit Inspection by the IAEA of Nuclear Activities That Have Not Been Reported to the IAEA? 1992 Report
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Options for Extension of the NPT: The Intention of the Drafters of Article X.2 1991 Journal Article
Tit-for-tat and the Negotiation of Nuclear Arms Control 1988-12 Journal Article
ACDA's Role in the New Administration 1988-11 Journal Article
Arms Control, Compliance, and the Law 1988-05 Working Paper
An Insider's View of Arms Control 1985-02 Journal Article
Rising Energy Costs and the Poor: Energy Conservation in Wisconsin 1985 Report
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US Law of Nuclear Weapons 1984-07 Journal Article
Arms Control Negotiations: Framework and Governmental Objectives 1984-05 Journal Article
No Regulation Without Representation: Would Judicial Enforcement of a Stricter Nondelegation Doctrine Limit Administrative Lawmaking? 1983 Journal Article
Legislative and Administrative Processes 1981 Book
Rulemaking: Non-Legislative Law Making and How You Can Cope With It 1978 Conference Proceeding
Legislative Committee Review of Administrative Rules in Wisconsin 1977 Journal Article
It's Your Fault! 1976-06 Journal Article
The Law School Money Squeeze: Inadequate Funding is the Funding of Inadequacy 1975-11 Journal Article
E. Harold Hallows 1974 Journal Article