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Feminism in Relation



Feminism in Relation





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17 Wis. Women's L.J. 1 (2002)


Why does a gender hierarchy persist in the face of declarations of gender equality before the law? This is the question with which the Interdisciplinary Feminism Project began in organizing Feminist Theories of Relation in the Shadow of the Law: An Interdisciplinary Critical Dialogue on Theory. The day-long event brought together feminist scholars from law and other disciplines. We asked participants to consider whether feminist theory might answer this confounding problem by focusing on a relational, as opposed to an individual or group, conception of law. The wide-ranging and evocative dialogue that ensued was organized under the sponsorship of The Institute for Legal Studies at the University of Wisconsin Law School and the Wisconsin Women's Law Journal. The dialogue produced the papers that follow in this volume.


Symposium on Feminist Theories of Relation in the Shadow of the Law - Introduction