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  • Revising Boilerplate: A Comparison of Private and Public Company Transactions

  • Boilerplate Semantics: Judging Natural Language in Standard Deal Contracts

  • Transformation Cost Engineering

  • Path Dependence, Information, and Contracting in Business Law and Economics

  • Complete Contracts in Finance

  • Repetition, Ritual, and Reputation: How Do Market Participants Deal with (Some Types of) Incomplete Information

  • The Fallacy of Director Independence

  • Bias, Identity and M&A

  • Frequent Filer Shareholder Suits in the Wake of Trulia: An Empirical Study

  • The New Realism in Business Law and Economics: An Introduction

  • Baller Judges

  • A Republic, If the Courts Can Keep It?

  • Extra-Judicial Capacity

  • Leaving the Land of Easy Answers: Regulatory Takings, Rucho and the Nature of Constitutional Analysis

  • Rations and Takings

  • What do Constitutional Law Professors Do?

  • Docket Control, Mandatory Jurisdiction, and the Supreme Court's Failure in Rucho v. Common Cause

  • Judicial Capacities

  • Gerrymandering and Judicial Incapacity

  • Justifying Judicial Modesty

  • Comparative Capacity and Competence

  • Judicial Capacity, Causation, and History: Next Steps for the Judicial Capacity Model

  • Rationing the Constitution vs. Negotiating It: Coan, Mud, and Crystals in Context of Dual Sovereignty

  • Eighty Years of Federalism Forbearance: Rationing, Resignation, and the Rule of Law

  • Eight Futures of the Nondelegation Doctrine

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